I’m Daniella, a product marketer, gaming nerd, avid traveler, and above all, curious learner. Originally from the UK, I currently live in Austin, TX. In my spare time, I love fitness, art & history, RPGs with rich narratives, dark British comedies, gin, and travel.

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As well as marketing, strategy and business, I also like to write about other eclectic topics:

An essay about Artemisia Gentileschi, 17th century Baroque artist, my all-time favorite and a personal heroine.

If you ever meet me, at some point I’ll tell you that Scotland is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world. Here’s why.

Zion National Park was known as one of the most spiritual locations for native Americans. Here’s my advice for hiking the breathtaking and intense Angel’s Landing.

Press release for an Austin-London beer collaboration as part of a brand activation at SXSW.

We’ve all had a hangover, and there’s a perverse solidarity in recalling the experience. But why?