Hi, I’m Daniella.

I’m a curious product marketer who has spent the last 7+ years working at some of the fastest growing and innovative tech startups in the world.
I began my career in nonprofits then transitioned from the world of fundraising to the fast-paced startup world.
As someone with a non-traditional tech background, I want to help the next generation of product marketers to succeed, no matter their background, education, or current experience.

Connect with me:

Named Product Marketing Alliance’s top 100 Product Marketing Influencer of 2021

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“[Daniella’s] super skill is the ability to adapt to any task and drive it to completion. She brings a positive attitude and a genuine desire to help others.” - Sean D’Arcy, VP Marketing at Kahoot!
“Daniella is an asset to any endeavor that is fortunate enough to have her engaged in its activities.” - Fred Schmidt, Co-Founder, Business Executive at Capital Factory
“Daniella is not only a go getter, but she is also natural-born leader within any given situation.” - Leena Saleh, The EdTech Guru